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Julian Harris has been composing music for TV shows, commercials and producing artists for over two decades. His scores can be heard on a range of shows from CBS News 48 Hours to Walt Disney’s Bear In The Big Blue House to the theme for New York Knicks.


Originally conceived as a music house, the company has branched out into all aspects of production. Clients include CBS, Walt Disney, National Geographic and others.


Julian Harris is co-founder of Bolian Pictures with NBC writer and producer Boaz Halaban. They are currently developing a docudrama series about bouncers. Clients include The Boston Consulting Group, NBC and others. 


Julian Harris Productions and Bolian Pictures 


Music Production:

Composing and Arranging


Coordinating Recording Sessions

Contracting sound engineers, musicians and orchestrators


Film Production:

Story development


Music Video Direction

Location scouting

Transportation logistics

Managing and hiring technical personnel



Music Credits:


48 Hours                                 Theme and Underscore                   CBS News

New York Knicks                    Television Theme                              MSG

Hard Core Pawn                     Underscore                                        TruTV

Pawn Stars                             Underscore                                        Discovery Channel

Surprise By Design                 Theme                                                Discovery Channel

America’s Most Wanted         Underscore                                        Fox Television

Cyberchase                              Theme and Underscore                   PBS

Bear In The Big Blue House    Songs and Underscore                     Disney Channel

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX                           Songs and Underscore                     Fox Kids

North Woods Law                  Underscore                                        Animal Planet

Wild West Alaska                   Underscore                                        Animal Planet

Life                                          Underscore                                        Discovery Channel

Frozen Planet                          Underscore                                        Destination America

BBQ Pit Masters                     Underscore                                        Destination America

Boys In The Hall                     Underscore                                        Fox Sports

Pawn Stars                             Underscore                                        History Channel

Injustice Files                          Theme                                                            ID Discovery

Cook Yourself Thin                 Underscore                                        Lifetime Woman

Sheep In The Big City              Theme, Songs, Underscore               Cartoon Network

Lizard Lick Towing                 Underscore                                        TruTV

Storage Hunters                     Underscore                                        TruTV

South Beach Classics              Theme and Underscore                   Velocity

Red Bull Signature Series       Theme                                                            Universal HD

Chaotic                                    Underscore                                        Hulu

Dinosaur King                         Underscore                                        Hulu






On the set with Bouncers Addison LeMay and Goldwyn Banton

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